Pringle Robotic’s disinfection BoTs are the future of enhanced safety protocols for facilities to proactively combat dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.  Our BoTs offer an efficient, reliable and safe method of sterilization that provides cost savings and peace of mind.

Provide Safety and Continuity For Customers and Employees

Enhanced disinfection protects your customers and staff by cleaning surfaces and the air with our dual UV-C and dry-mist methods which maximizes sanitization.

Efficient and Reliable Disinfection Process

Eliminate human error and staffing shortage problems with an automated solution to meet regulatory and company sanitization standards and requirements.

Proactive Prevention

Take the fight to harmful pathogens by proactively treating your facilities and reducing the chance of an outbreak significantly, which can prevent work stoppages.

Overview of Disinfection Methods

The PuductorBoT uses UV-C light and dry-mist disinfection to autonomously disinfect the environment, eliminating 99.9% of pathogens. Our solution requires no touch from humans, eliminating potential harm to individuals, and the inconsistency of manual disinfection. Unlike other disinfection solutions on the market, we use a dual method of UV-C light and dry-mist to maximize results.

The FlashBoT uses UV-C light in an enclosed chamber to disinfect items such as towels, tools, medical and dental equipment, and other items.


UV-C Light Disinfection

UV-C light is a radiation method which uses a specific spectrum of light to neutralize, or deactivate, the DNA of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. UV-C utilizes short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation which carries the amount of energy necessary to deactivate pathogens.

High energy from a UV-C wavelength is absorbed into the RNA and DNA of the cell, which damages nucleic acid, disrupting the microorganism’s DNA. When DNA is disrupted, the microorganism is neutralized because it cannot perform any vital cellular functions, and therefore cannot reproduce. This means the microorganism can no longer contribute to further disease spread or infection.

UV-C has been used for decades, and has been proven to significantly lower infections in hospitals and other care facilities. With all of the health concerns today, the application of UV-C light has proven critical in other industries such as schools, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, retirement communities, airports, sports complexes and locker rooms, and many other facilities. Any facility with significant human traffic can benefit from the use of UV-C light to help ensure the health and safety of the community.

Key UV-C Light Statistics:

  • 99.99% Disinfection Rate
  • 188μW/cm² UV-C Disinfection
  • Intelligent UV-C Lamp Protector
  • 360° Sterilization

UltraSonic Dry-Mist Disinfection

UltraSonic dry-mist disinfection creates a fine mist of droplets which is able to eliminate pathogens without leaving a residue. Dry-Mist disinfection typically uses a liquid disinfectant solution such as hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorous, but a variety of mixtures are available to best fit the facility needs.

Dry-Mist disinfection is a great compliment to our UV-C system as the mist can reach areas that may be inaccessible by the light, works more effectively on areas that have not been cleaned properly prior to disinfection, and by being more effective against certain types of bacteria. In addition, it may not be safe to use UV-C when people may come into the area, but dispensing the dry-mist alone is still possible.

  • 2L/H Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection
  • ≤ 10 μm Dry Disinfectant Particles
  • 15L Reservoir Capacity
  • 2.0 L/H Max Atomization Rate
  • Motion Sensor

BoT Setup and Functionality

Initial Setup and Configuration

We start with an initial evaluation of your facility either through video, or in-person if necessary, to determine the most efficient way to solve your disinfection needs. Next, we will visit your facility to install the robot for a no contract, no commitment pilot period so that your facility can test the BoT, and your staff can be trained on the BoT.

During the installation, we complete the following steps:

  • Map the environment using our LIDAR sensors
  • Identify specific areas for targeted disinfection such as high traffic areas or areas where pathogens can gather
  • Create cruise patterns for regularly scheduled disinfection
  • Test run BoT through all cruise patterns and targeted disinfection
  • Work with facility management and staff to create procedures and schedules for disinfection


Regularly scheduled disinfection cruise patterns can be created to clean the entire or part of the facility on a regular basis.


Use on an ad-hoc basis to target areas that might have been exposed to pathogens such as COVID-19. Disinfection time and frequency can be adjusted to optimize the disinfection process.

Important Points

  • Control either directly on the touchpad screen, or remotely through our mobile application.
  • Run with both UV-C light and dry-mist, or with just one of the options.
  • The BoT automatically shuts off when it detects people in the vicinity. Multiple BoTs communicate to ensure smooth operation.

Please see our Resources section for scientific studies on the effectiveness of UV-C light and dry-mist disinfection.

Industry Uses

Hospitals and Healthcare

Ensure regulatory and internal environmental and disinfection compliance by using dependable and proven UV-C light and dry-mist disinfection solutions. Make patient and staff safety a priority with Pringle Robotics.

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Provide students, parents and staff peaceiece of mind by taking a proactive approach to keeping educational facilities safe with our advanced disinfection solutions

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Nursing Homes

Protect the most medically vulnerable members of our community by eliminating harmful pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 before they can harm your residents and staff.

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Keep your facilities open for business and safe with regularly scheduled automated disinfection. High traffic facilities like hotels are especially vulnerable to risks from dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

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Sports Facilities

Make locker rooms and stadiums as safe as possible with our disinfection solutions. Keeping both players and fans healthy and ready to stay in the game.

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Crowded airports can be a hotbed for SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens, but regular and targeted disinfection can keep your passengers

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Other Facilities

Any facility with high foot traffic or susceptible occupants can benefit tremendously from our disinfection solutions. Contact Us for a free evaluation

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