A Complete Hospital Solution

  • Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection
  • Ultraviolet C Disinfection
  • Powerful Sterilization
  • Automatic Recharging

UV C Disinfection

  • 99.99% Disinfection Rate
  • 188μW/cm² UV-C Disinfection
  • Intelligent UV-C Lamp Protector
  • 360° Sterilization
  • Boil-dry Protection and Low-level Warning
  • Automatic Recharging

Dry Mist Disinfection

  • 2L/H Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection
  • ≤ 10 μm Dry Disinfectant Particles
  • 15L Reservoir Capacity
  • 2.0 L/h Max Atomization Rate
  • Motion Sensor

Walking Around with Staff

  • Laser SLAM Self-Driving Solution
  • Able to move freely in a 100,000m² space
  • Detection range up to 40m
  • Accurately detect obstacles, stopping within a reaction time of 0.5 seconds

Pick Your Bot


  • Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection
  • Ultraviolet C Disinfection
  • Automatic Recharging
  • Boil-dry Protectiony


  • Pagering Function
  • Air Motion
  • Sound Tracking

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