Who We Are

Autonomous Service BoT Solution Provider and Pioneers in Hospitality & Facilities Management


Our Mission

Create Autonomous Solutions to empower people and communities to be Productive & Safe. We believe in continuous innovation and integration with other platforms to build the most useful and flexible robots in the industry.


Pringle Robotics was founded with a goal to improve lives by innovating the way we keep people safe and healthy. We are changing the way healthcare and facilities managers think about their disinfection processes.

Delivery and Hosting

Pringle Robotics is making staff and employees more efficient, and providing innovative ways for facilities to interact with customers and visitors. We are not replacing humans, we are giving them the tools to make them more efficient.

Advertising and Marketing

Pringle Robotics is building better ways for brands and businesses to advertise and market themselves. Our customer engagement tools are the future of marketing.

Ready to be Powered By Pringle Robotics?

We are known for standing behind our products and services. We always stand with our customer and leave no stone unturned to meet customer satisfaction.