Leading the Way in Human-Robot Partnership

Pringle Robotics is a company on a mission to elevate people-focused industries for the benefit of all. We develop service robots that help people work smarter, faster and with less stress so that they, in turn, can better deliver the high-value customer care that matters most.

Our Vision

Creating Autonomous Solutions that empower people and communities to be Productive and Safe. We believe in continuous innovation and integration with other platforms to build the most useful and flexible robots in the industry.


Who We Are


Pringle Robotics was born as a result of listening. In 2019, sales and customer support specialists from our former parent company, Pringle Technologies, began hearing complaints from clients in the restaurant and hospitality industries. While the company’s enterprise software, BistroStack, was helping restaurant owners streamline their operations, the software couldn’t solve their biggest problem—lack of staff and overburdened workers.

With a lifelong interest in technology’s ability to help people and businesses solve problems, Pringle Group founder Sudheer Sajja encouraged employees to brainstorm solutions to the staffing and overwork issues they were hearing from clients. With the pandemic still in full swing, Sudheer also saw a deep need for rigorous sanitation within hospitality spaces to ensure customer and staff health as well as peace of mind.

The result? Pringle Robotics—a new company dedicated to developing and delivering the best autonomous service robot solutions on the market. What began as a duo of prototype robots developed by Sudheer in the basement of his Illinois home—one meant for food serving and one for disinfection—has grown into a sophisticated integrated robotic solutions provider serving nearly every type of business that sees people gathering together.


What Sets Pringle Robotics Apart?

We’re just as committed to our customers as you are to yours.

While some technology providers focus on sales, we’re focused on solutions. We approach each customer engagement as innovation-obsessed collaborators, committed to not only providing the widest and most versatile range of service robots on the market—but also backing them up with the industry’s most comprehensive customer support

Industries We Serve

At Pringle Robotics, we serve industries that are in the business of serving people. From the obvious to the not-so-obvious, there’s a place for our service-oriented robotic solutions wherever people gather together. That means we also think big, with solutions tailored to high-volume facilities.

Find out how our BoTs integrate into key industry environments.

How do our
help Businesses?

Quite simply, by letting people do what they do best. In shifting simple, repetitive tasks to robots, human workers can focus on the higher-value, engaging work that delights customers, improves operational efficiency, and boosts satisfaction all around.