Extend Your Force’s Reach With Robotics

Patrolling and Deterrent Solutions to Keep Communities Safe

Our autonomous robotic solutions help law enforcement agencies and security businesses extend their presence remotely to enhance safety for communities and clients. Our OttoBoTs have the ability to autonomously patrol a variety of spaces, including city streets, parking decks, exterior business premises and school campuses.

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While some technology providers focus on sales, we’re focused on solutions. We approach each customer engagement as true partners, committed to not only providing the widest and most versatile range of service robots on the market—but also backing them up with the industry’s most comprehensive customer support.


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The OttoBoT is a versatile patrol, surveillance and deterrent solution. Autonomous operation, 360° camera and live video feed offer remote patrolling and surveillance opportunities. Substantial size and audio/video broadcast capability create a useful deterrent presence.



Temi BoT is a highly versatile AI-driven robot that integrates multiple aspects of office administration. Essentially an intelligent computer on wheels, TemiBoT can be used as an onboarding assistant for new hires, facility tour guide, or one-stop information kiosk. Flawlessly integrates with IT systems and department operations.


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