The Right BoT For Any Job

Pringle Robotics delivers the widest and most versatile range of service robots on the market, coupled with the industry’s most comprehensive customer support.

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Premier Interactive Service Robot to Simplify Delivery and Operations


Versatile Robot Assistant to Simplify Hosting, Guiding, Delivery, and Advertising


AI-Powered Hosting, Guiding, and Interactive Robot With Easy Integration




Workhorse Autonomous Service Robot Handling Heavy Loads With Ease


Nimble Autonomous Service Robot for Secure Delivery



Advanced Autonomous Service Robot for Secured Delivery and Disinfection


Secured Robot Courier That Integrates With Elevators and Doors




Puductor 2

Autonomous Medical Grade UV-C and Ultrasonic Dry-Mist Disinfection Robot


Compact and Affordable Dry-Mist Disinfection Robot for a Variety of Spaces


Floor Cleaning



Autonomous Wet and Dry Floor Cleaning Robot for All Floor Types


Industrial-Grade Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Robot for Hard Floors


What Sets Us Apart?

We’re just as committed to our customers as you are to yours.

While some technology providers focus on sales, we’re focused on solutions. We approach each customer engagement as true partners, committed to not only providing the widest and most versatile range of service robots on the market—but also backing them up with the industry’s most comprehensive customer support.



How Can Service BoTs Enhance Your Business?

Quite simply, by letting people do what they do best. In shifting low-skill, repetitive tasks to robots, your human staff can focus on the higher-value, engaging work that directly affects your bottom line. Customer care and operational efficiency can reach new heights when team members have the time and support to focus on work that makes an impact.

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