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Our integrated robotic solutions help casinos delight guests while reducing stress on overworked staff with a range of delivery, hosting, and sanitation BoTs. Service BoTs give your staff a break from repetitive food running, drink delivery bussing and cleaning tasks, freeing them to focus on the higher-value customer care that directly affects your bottom line.

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What Sets Us Apart?

We’re just as committed to our customers as you are to yours.

While some technology providers focus on sales, we’re focused on solutions. We approach each customer engagement as true partners, committed to not only providing the widest and most versatile range of service robots on the market—but also backing them up with the industry’s most comprehensive customer support.


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BellaBoT is great for supporting food expediting at both limited and full service restaurants. Combine with our table locator system for a highly automated and efficient serving system.


The SwiftBoT is a secured delivery unit with advanced maneuverability for crowded environments. Expedite food or bus dishes to give your wait staff more time with customers. Improve customer satisfaction and increase wait staff tips.


HolaBoT is our specialty autonomous dish bussing solution. The Hola work flow is programmed specifically to make dish bussing more efficient. Heavy payload and 4 large trays that hold bussing tubs. Also integrates with our smart watch to remotely send the BoT to the desired tables or locations.


CC1 is a wet and dry floor cleaning robot with several cleaning modes. Autonomously cleans all types of hard floors and carpets on regular schedules, or ad-hoc runs when needed. Also works in manual mode for fast spot cleaning.


The BubbleFish is a compact and affordable disinfection solution that uses dry-mist to sanitize your facilities. Small enough to fit in tight areas, but powerful enough to cover large areas with its mist delivery system. Advertise the use of the BoT to guests to provide reassurance that you have their best interest in mind.

Puductor 2

Puductor 2 is a medical grade disinfection BoT that uses a combination of UVC and dry-mist to sanitize the environment. Run the BoT throughout the casino to provide safety and peace of mind to guests and staff. Advertise the use of the BoT to members to provide reassurance that your facility has their best interest in mind.



The W3 is a secured delivery unit with the capability to integrate with elevators for room service or other deliveries. Automatically sends a text message to the intended recipient with a passcode to open the compartment with their item.



TemiBoT is a versatile hosting, guiding and interactive unit that can be highly integrated with your facility. Guide guests to different areas of the casino, restaurants or hotel check-in. Integrate your hotel check-in, player rewards club, restaurant ordering, and answer questions about your facility all from the BoT.


KettyBoT is perfect for offering water to guests on the casino floor, or delivering food at a restaurant. Set the Ketty to cruise around the casino floor on a continuous loop with water to let serving staff and bartenders focus on drinks. Use the large front display to play videos or show graphics of announcements, players clubs or restaurant options.



How Can Service BoTs Enhance Your Business?

Quite simply, by letting people do what they do best. In shifting low-skill, repetitive tasks to robots, your human staff can focus on the higher-value, engaging work that directly affects your bottom line. Customer care and operational efficiency can reach new heights when team members have the time and support to focus on work that makes an impact.

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