The KettyBoT is a versatile autonomous delivery and hosting solution that is easy to use. The Ketty also has a digital display that can be used for advertising and audio announcements with both video and static pictures


  • 3 removable trays including a large bottom tub. Drink holding tray accessories available as well.
  • Each tray can handle 10lbs, total capacity of 30lbs.
  • Battery life of 10-12 hours. Charging time of 4 hours.
  • Robot weighs 80lbs.
  • 1080x640 pixels digital display screen and voice messaging.
  • Latest LIDAR technology for autonomy and safety.
  • Control with touchpad or mobile app.

Example Use Cases

  • Food and drink delivery at restaurants and bistros.
  • Hosting and escorting for restaurants, malls, and other facilities.
  • Display and audio advertising and messaging in malls, casinos, and retail establishments
  • Offer drinks, food, promotional and other items at casinos, parties or other events with cruise mode.
  • Office mail delivery.
  • Delivery assistant at schools.

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