Staffing shortages have forced restaurants to close and created burnout with existing staff. Make staff more efficient by using our robotic solutions for food running, hosting, dish bussing and other tasks, and allow your staff to spend more time focusing on your customers.

Benefits of Autonomous Delivery and Hosting

Improve Staff Efficiency

Reduce the number of steps your staff takes by automating tasks such as food running, dish bussing and escorting customers to their tables.

Reduce Staff Fatigue

With restaurant staff stretched to the limit, providing robotic tools that save time and energy prevents burnout.

Market Specials and Drinks

Use the display screen and voice function of the KettyBoT to advertise special dishes and drinks to customers

Pick Your BoT


  • Greeting & Escorting
  • AI Voice Interaction
  • Customized Advertisement
  • Superior Mobility
  • Customer Attraction


  • Auto-Level Independent Linkage Suspension
  • Smart Expressions
  • Touch for Feedback
  • Power Exchange Technology
  • Infrared Induction Tray


  • UV Sterile Compartment
  • Upgraded Auto-Level Suspension
  • Modular Adjustable Compartment
  • Auto-Charging
  • 3d Obstacle Avoidance
  • IoT Technology


  • Ultra-large Capacity
  • Pager Function
  • Air Motion
  • Sound Tracking
  • IPX5 Waterproof Inner Cabin

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