Our autonomous BoTs are the perfect solution to protect at risk residents and staff from dangerous viruses and bacteria. Provide assistance to staff with our delivery BoTs to make them more efficient.

Benefits of Autonomous Disinfection

Ensure Thoroughness

Our BoTs ensure that your facility and tools are thoroughly cleaned and eliminate the risk of human error.

Reduce Staff Dependency

Staffing shortages and sick time are no longer an issue when you incorporate our autonomous robotic solutions.

Ensure Safety

Keep residents and staff safe and healthy by reducing the risk of illness with our Puductor disinfection BoT which eliminates 99.9% of harmful pathogens.

Benefits of Autonomous Delivery

Improve Staff Efficiency

Reduce the number of steps your staff takes by automating tasks such as food delivery and dish bussing.

Reduce Staff Fatigue

With staff stretched to the limit, providing robotic tools that save time and energy prevents employee burnout.

Focus on High Value Tasks

By automating basic tasks like delivery, this allows staff to spend more time helping residents and performing high value tasks.

Pick Your BoT


  • Greeting & Escorting
  • AI Voice Interaction
  • Customized Advertisement
  • Superior Mobility
  • Customer Attraction


  • Auto-Level Independent Linkage Suspension
  • Smart Expressions
  • Touch for Feedback
  • Power Exchange Technology
  • Infrared Induction Tray


  • UV Sterile Compartment
  • Upgraded Auto-Level Suspension
  • Modular Adjustable Compartment
  • Auto-Charging
  • 3d Obstacle Avoidance
  • IoT Technology

Puductor 2

  • 2L/H Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection
  • 188μW/cm² UV-C Disinfection
  • Max 6H Disinfection Time
  • 15L Reservoir Capacity
  • 360° Sterilization
  • Boil-dry Protection and Low-level Warning
  • Automatic Localization and Navigation System
  • Automatic Recharging

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