“The Walking and Talking Billboard”

Target your customers with an advertisement that is sure to draw attention. Wherever the Ketty BoT goes, people have to look. The future of advertising and branding is here and spots are limited, so contact us today to take advantage of this powerful new marketing tool for your business.

The KettyBoT’s 1080x640 pixel (11.25x6.67 inches) LED screen can be used to display graphics and videos in high resolution to grab the attention of anyone in the vicinity. Audio enabled as well, Ketty takes marketing and branding to a whole new level.

Ketty cruises around autonomously, using the same technology as self-driving cars to move safely around objects and people. Whether in a shopping mall, restaurant, casino, stadium or other venue, Ketty ensures that your product and brand get exposure. Unlike static billboards and LED screens, the BoTs move around the venue and people, getting your message across to a much larger audience.

There is simply nothing else on the market that can come close to the effectiveness of our BoTs. We are priced competitively based on the foot traffic of the particular venue.



We sell a maximum of 3 minutes of advertising on each BoT. This means your ad will play for its allotted time every 3 minutes. All rates are monthly, additional discounts available for multiple month commitments.

Varies depending on foot traffic of a particular venue. Special events at stadiums and civic centers may include additional charges.

Contact us at 309-642-8900 or at to get your advertising started or for additional information. Or just fill out the form below and someone will contact you shortly.

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