Pringle Robotic’s delivery BoTs enable employees to be more productive and help businesses deal with staffing shortages. Eliminating the need for simple delivery and hosting tasks allows employees to focus more on interacting with customers, and on complex tasks that are much more valuable to your organization.

Use the KettyBoTs front screen to show static or video digital advertisements for products and services. Use the audio functionality to advertise or make announcements.

Make Staff More Efficient and Productive

Allow employees to focus on more important and valuable tasks by reducing the amount of time spent moving items around your facility. Increase the value of your employees by letting our BoTs handle simple delivery and hosting tasks.

Ease the Burden of Staffing Shortages

Staffing shortages are an issue for many organizations these days, but our BoTs can help by allowing you to do more with the staff that you have.

Create a Talking Billboard

The front screen of the KettyBoT can be used to show pictures or videos to market your products or services, or generate additional revenue by selling third-party advertisements. Use the audio functionality to advertise or make announcements as well.

BoT Setup and Functionality

Initial Setup and Configuration

We start with an initial evaluation of your facility either through video, or in-person if necessary, to determine the different use cases for your delivery and hosting needs. Next, we will visit your facility to install the robot for a no contract, no commitment pilot period so that your facility can test the BoTs, and your staff can be trained on the BoTs.

During the installation, we complete the following steps:

  • Map the environment using our LIDAR sensors
  • Identify specific areas for delivery or hosting/escorting
  • Create digital maps for all potential delivery and hosting/escorting use cases
  • Program pictures, videos and voice messages
  • Test run BoTs through all use cases
  • Work with facility management and staff to create procedures for use and maintenance of the BoTs



Deliver items to single or multiple destinations using the simple touch screen, or through use of our mobile app. The BoT can announce that it has arrived to alert individuals to retrieve the items.

The FlashBoT contains 2-4 separate secure chambers. A text message can be sent to the intended recipient which contains a code which is used to open the respective chamber.


Use cruise mode to have the BoT move through a predetermined path, with or without incremental stops at predetermined points, in order to offer items to customers or staff, or display graphics, videos or make verbal announcements.


Guide customers to their destination with interactive hosting mode. Customers and visitors can select their destination on the touch screen, or your staff can do it for them, and the BoT will lead them to their table, room or any programmed destination. While on the way, have the BoT make announcements.


Use the 1080x640 pixels KettyBoT display panel to advertise specials, sales, events or any other marketing effort you wish using static pictures or videos. Incorporate audio messaging with your display marketing to make an even stronger impression.

Industry Uses


KettyBoT, BellaBoT and FlashBoTs are perfect for helping with food running and dish bussing, enabling wait staff to concentrate more on customers which generates more repeat customers and more tips for waiters and waitresses. Use cruise mode to offer snacks and drinks to guests when catering an event.

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Use the KettyBoT and FlashBoTs to deliver items between offices, classrooms and other areas to save time for your teachers and administrators. Use the KettyBoT display panel to make announcements to staff and students. Build interest in technology with the student body for a more fulfilling educational experience.

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Nursing Homes

Make your staff more efficient by utilizing a BellaBoT, KettyBoT or FlashBoTs to assist in delivering food to resident’s rooms and sending items between offices. Use the hosting function to escort guests to destinations in the building, and use the display panel to make announcements and provide information.

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Use the cruise mode to offer bottled water to players and guests, and allow your wait staff to focus on getting drinks instead. Display and announce events, tenant stores, and sell advertising to third-parties to generate additional revenue.

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Malls and Retail Facilities

Generate an additional revenue stream with a walking and talking billboard by selling advertising space to tenant stores and third-party companies. Use hosting mode to guide visitors to stores and restaurants in the facility by creating a store directory on the touchpad.

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Other Facilities

Whether it's delivering mail in an office building, announcing classes and offering promotional products in a gym setting, the chances are that your facility can find value with our BoTs. Contact Us for a free evaluation

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